Myths and Facts: Top 10 best exercises to stay healthy

Achieving and maintaining a sound health condition is a concern among all people regardless of their age. There are many ways that are applicable in toning and maintaining a healthy condition that ranges from natural ways to use of medications. In most cases, the most common natural ways include participating in routine workouts or physical exercises and observing a balanced diet. Observing a balanced diet implies taking food depending on the level of nutrients just sufficient to the body and avoiding foods that might be of risk to your health.

Participating in routine physical exercises is one of the best natural ways to obtain and maintain a sound physical condition that later translates into a healthy human being. There are different types of physical exercises. The applicability of each physical exercise depends on the individual’s preference, capability and vigour. Some of the physical exercises require the guidance of trained personnel whereas others are simple and can be performed from home. Most prefer using physical exercises to attain and maintain a sound physical condition due to the limited side effects associated with the physical exercises.

Interval Training

Interval training can be incorporated with any type of physical exercise. Simply it implies performing every exercise at a variable pace. Interval training is very important in helping the body to adjust its aerobic system to burn more calories hence strengthening muscles and losing weight. Basically, interval training involves varying the intensity rather than going at a steady pace during the workout.


Although walking is simple, it is a very powerful tool of attaining and maintaining a healthy physical condition. It helps one in maintaining the right cholesterol levels, staying trim, keeping blood pressure in check, and strengthening the bones, lowering the risk of contracting various weight related diseases and lifting your mood. It is scientifically proven that walking among other physical exercises improves memory and resists age-related memory loss.


Squats makes the largest muscle group in the body; therefore, making it an excellent calorie burner. Squats incorporate an up and down motion of the body similar to the one experienced as you go up and down a chair. You should ensure to incorporate squats in your daily routine workouts as they are simple and flexible and can be done almost everywhere.


Swimming is one of the best workouts that are recommendable for attaining and achieving a healthy condition. The water bouncy is very important while exercising as it supports the body and takes the strain off painful joints to enable you move them more fluidly. In addition, swimming can boost your mental state and put you in a good mood. Water aerobics are also very important in burning calories.


Lunges works in a similar way as squats by working up a large muscle group in the body. The only difference is that lunges work additional leg muscles therefore boosting your balance. Lunges are also very simple and flexible exercises that can be performed almost everywhere. The lunges posture involves one taking a huge forward step and leaning downwards with the spine positioned in a neutral position. For those who might find it difficult in the beginning, it is better to seek for the help of a trained professional.


Push-up is one of the best exercises that are very important in strengthening the core and the upper body. Push-ups are done by spreading your fully extended arms slightly more than shoulder width apart and the hands against a stationary object. Ensure you perform at least 15 reps to ensure effective results.

The plank

The plank is a very crucial exercise as it helps in tightening the deepest core muscle. The exercise involves enumerating a plank of wood as you raise yourself off the floor using your arms while the entire body is rigid and straight. The exercises is very flexible as it can be done almost everywhere under minimal or no instructions and supervision from a trained professional.


Abdominal crunches are important in d
efining and strengthening the abdominal muscles. Basically, there are varied ways of starting; the first one involves the feet off the floor and knees bent. By using your hip flexors, this technique keeps you from arching your back.

Yoga and Tai-chi

Yoga and tai chi are among the best known physical exercises that significantly boost body awareness, which can increase balance and coordination and relaxation. In addition, yoga and tai chi include range-of-motion and flexibility moves that considerably boost joint function and joint flexibility. This type of physical exercise is not preferred by many people for lack of knowledge about the exercise and it is cost ineffective.

Bent-over row

This exercise gives biceps and back muscles a good workout. The exercise is very simple and one can perform it all alone as it involves a typical bending. One should ensure the feet and the spine are straight to ensure the back and spine muscles are fully worked.


Obtaining and maintaining a healthy condition is one of the most important issues among all people across the world. Engaging in routine physical exercise is the most inexpensive, flexible and easy way to maintain a healthy physical condition. These physical exercises are preferred for their wide range of benefits that range from mental, emotional and physical. The applicability of the exercise depends on individual preference and capability.

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