Things You Need To Know Before You Hire A Crane

Over the dawn of this century the amount on construction that has taken place has been unprecedented and man has witnessed skyscrapers that compete with each other to stand taller than the other. In all of these building infrastructures a construction company cannot do without the use of a crane. It is not always to a practical thing to buy a crane for a project or two and especially if they are low budget or short term projects it is not worth buying crane as it is not only about buying the cost of maintenance storing the crane are also high. Hence it may be more advantageous for a construction firm or a project involving the use of such equipment to hire one. Crane hire can save a lot of money if you have the appropriate knowledge to identify and order as per requirements.

Types Of Cranes Available In The Market

  1. The all-terrain crane: Well more or less in line with the all-terrain automobiles you can and will find cranes in similar fashion too. Think of activities that do not have good access or ways of approach. The abilities of these cranes with a steady base are ideal for use in demolition and lifting large material in construction and other activity that is related to blasting and earth moving.
  2. Telescopic cranes: This type of crane offers a boom that has many tubes fitting one inside of the other. The tubes extended to increase or reduce the length of the boom by help of an hydraulic system.
  3. Tower Crane: When these cranes are fixed to the ground they provide decent height lifting capacity. They can reach as high as 1000 meters, in comparison to over 280 story building.
  4. Mobile cranes: Truck mounted cranes are mobile and are smaller in nature, they have a 50-ton capacity, the strength here is mostly on mobility and reach.
  5. Loader crane: Is hydraulically powered arm on a trailer and is often used to load heavy and large equipment’s. They have a standard capacity of about 200 ton.
  6. Suspended crane: this type of cranes is used often in factories and shipyards; the hoist is on a trolley which moves in a direction that is guided along the ground level.

Benefits Of Crane Hire

  • Cranes are expensive if purchasing one is being considered. Hiring for a particular project saves the large investment.
  • Idle time of crane being used amounts to loss in return of investments.
  • There are challenges around hiring and retaining good qualified operators for the crane that can be negated with crane hire.
  • Maintenance and repair work on the equipment is not borne by the project but the company that the crane has been hired from.

Tips Before Hiring A Crane

  • Plan your use of the crane wisely. Your project may include demolition, transportation or relocating objects. Well, each application may have to be studied well before you call in for a crane for the specific task. A wrecking ball with the crane can help in the demolition activity, but it may not support loading and other tasks as efficiently.
  • Check for the location that the work needs to be carried out. The terrain and the conditions will determine the type of crane that needs to be called in. You do not want to get yourself a crane that cannot handle the weight to load and off load, because the terrain does not support the kind of crane that has arrived.
  • Check for the insurance by the crane hire provider. This is critical since accidents and repairs are bound to happen when least expected. Make sure that maintenance of the equipment is marked on a maintenance ledger too.
  • Ensure you get an experienced and certified operator for the crane. A skilled workman is going to be both efficient and anxiety free to direct.

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