PCD Pharma franchise

Pharma Franchise Vs Pcd Pharma Franchise

You must have heard about Pharma franchise and PCD Pharma franchise terms but what how much you know about these terms? Are they same or any difference between them?

In an ordinary reading it seems there is only one difference i.e. one is missing of PCD and other having the same. Although, both Pharma franchise and PCD Pharma franchise are franchise business models but with some differences. Let’s find out the differences.

Differences between Pharma Franchise and PCD Pharma Franchise

Here PCD means Propaganda Cum Distribution

Investment:  In Pharma franchise the initial capital investment is higher than PCD Pharma franchise. PCD Pharma franchise business can be started with nominal capital whereas Pharma franchise business needs a considerate capital.

Product Line: Pharma franchise partner has to deal with wide product line and a PCD Pharma franchise has to deal with limited no of products.

Operational Area: The operational area in PCD Pharma franchise business is relatively smaller than Pharma franchise business.

Credit and Financial Assistance: In Pharma franchise business, Franchisor extends credit benefits and loan assistance from Bank for Pharma franchise partner but in PCD Pharma franchise business, the franchisor does not extend as such any help.

Qualification & Experience: To start a Pharma franchise company one must possess experience of minimum 10 years of experience in selling, distributor or marketing in Pharma sector. Also he must be a graduate with good knowledge about the Pharma business but a PCD Pharma franchise company can be started by an inexperienced person having no medical background. Even a intermediate pass person can have a PCD Pharma franchise.

Sales Targets: A Pharma franchise partner is expected to complete his monthly, quarterly and annual sales target and give business to the Pharma franchise Company but a PCD Pharma franchise partner is free from any monthly, quarterly and annual targets. He just has to run the business profitably to sustain in the market.

Immediate Authority: A Pharma franchise partner is supervised and instructed time to time from his superiors on the other hand a PCD Pharma franchise is free from any pressure of superiors. A PCD Pharma franchise partner is the owner and boss of his company.

Business by choice: Pharma franchise is a full time business and cannot be conducted leisurely but a PCD Pharma franchise business can be done on part time basis. A PCD Pharma franchise business can be started without quitting the current job or profession.


Both Pharma franchise and PCD Pharma franchise are profitable ventures to start but PCD Pharma franchise has more advantages as compared to Pharma franchise business. Now, almost all Pharma companies offering PCD based Pharma franchise business opportunities. PCD Pharma franchise is the best business to start. It can be started by any Pharma professional, Medical Representative, Pharma distributor, Seller and even by a non-Pharma person. The scope of PCD Pharma franchise is bigger and wide.

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