How to Prepare for a Call Centre Interview

The job opportunities that the customer service sector has created are endless. However, it has been observed that people often take the responsibilities and routine work of this job very lightly because this job doesn’t require any particular degree or diploma. Moreover, some are also unaware of how the interviews are given in reputed inbound call centres.
Thus, this article will help all the people who are going or planning to give the interview in Inbound call centres for the first time or are not able to clear the interviews.
Develop an Impressive resume-
One should always remember that a brief and good resume can not only make them selected for a face-to-face interview round but can also increase the chances of them getting selected. One should always include those achievements, strengths, weaknesses, and hobbies that can aid to their working in a call centre. For instance, mentioning a sport that one is good at and highlighting how good teamwork helped him in winning the match will surely convey the interviewer how good he is in working on his own and in a team.
For making the interview successful and for leaving a mark on the interviewer one should exhibit superior communication skills, company’s know-how. Moreover, one should be able to prove in the interview that he hones at least one trait that is vital for becoming a call centre agent.
Prepare Your Own Questions
One should always keep in mind that the resume can leave a good first impression on the interviewer but make the last impression worthwhile, one would have to work on other aspects like their communication skills for the interview.
Interviewer’s always asked at the end of the interview to the interviewee if he wants to ask any questions. This is their way of knowing the level of interest and enthusiasm of the interviewee for the job. Therefore, no interviewee should go unprepared and should have a list of questions as this is a great way of impressing recruiters. While giving interviews in inbound call centres, the interviewee can ask questions like, Are there any set targets? , On what parameters will my performance be evaluated? , Do you record every call or any, randomly? , What is the typical career path for someone in this job role?
Research well about the Company
The best way of showing ones interest in the company and the job profile is by flaunting his knowledge about the call centre sector, the company in which one is going for an interview and the job role that one is going to give the interview for.
One can do so with the help of google or any other search engine. By looking at the website of the company, reading online discussion forums and what the existing employees and customers think about their call centre services, one gets a clear percept about the company and can also ask mindful and intricate question with the help of the information absorbed.
Moreover, if it’s an in-house call centre gathering knowledge about the company’s products, client base and services will help one understand their role better as a call’s agent in that company.
Practice Interview Answers
There are certain questions that no matter in which call centre one is going to give the interview in, the chances of them being asked are high. The questions might be asked with a certain twist but the crux of them and the answer to them would remain the same. Typical inbound call centres question include- On a scale of 10, how will you rate your ability of working with new technology and software applications? , Tell us about the biggest challenge that you have faced in your life or while attending a call and how have you overcome it? , Tell us about your skills and how they can help you in this job role? etc..
On should frame the answer to these common questions and then rehearse them for increasing the fluency and confidence at the time of the Interview.
Precisely following the foretold points will make any interviewee ace the Interview rounds even if it is their first time.

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