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Investments that are made in online trading are based mainly via internet which also includes the involvement of a broker. Today’s technology advancement provides various approaches in making money based on an individual’s comfort. Anyone with computer or device with an internet is eligible to make money online based on various given conditions. Most of the companies today are trading via internet as a platform for Bombay stock exchange and national stock exchange. 
Individuals having enough money for account opening and those who are concerned are registered with the online business portal. These portals are then connected to various banks and significantly to the stock market. 
The registered online platforms provides admission to the user to check the share prices live from which they figure out a decision to invest or not and also helps them to make a better decision about the investment and methods  to reduce risk. 
Companies allow users to invest and trade financial products, stocks, mutual funds, bonds, loans, institutional trading, commercial properties etc via online. This innovation and approach to share market using the best of technology allowed access to a lot of people globally to trade online. Online trading has been practiced since late 90’s and have opened a wide economical field for a new type of business that relates to online trade and those individuals are known to be the online brokers. Where there is investment and business, there is always a chance of risk. It is important for every investor to make a better decision on choosing a broker as they highlight the trade statistics and often helps in decision making where the money has to be invested. A bad broker will lead to false information, incomplete data and misinterpretation which again lead to failure and losses. Choosing the appropriate broker is a vital decision taken by the investor before trading in order to fit the needs. 
Choosing the top online brokers will definitely help in making a better decision but also it provides a better customer service than the others in comparison. The top online brokers provide quicker and consistent support to all the users which are the key factors to a successful online trading or online brokerage. The trade industry is tremendously competitive and hence, the software platforms deemed necessary for effective operations related to trade and brokerage via internet. In the case of top online brokers the investors can depend on their respective brokers for transaction process and they are always accessible for client support.
Every investor has their respective style or approach for operating a trade. Before an individual begins, it is important to make a systematic research on the top10 online brokers so that the investor can choose the most appropriate broker who can fit the respective need and also having the most comfortable and reliable client support system. It is important for the investor to review the website and related information to derive the type of customer support of the online brokers before investing because choosing an online broker is the most vital decision taken by an investor.

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