5 things to consider when choosing the ideal JC Maths Tuition

Parents face a myriad of anxieties when selecting from a countless number of centres offering JC Maths Tuition in order to find the best fit for their child. Their anxieties are amplified when their child is entering into the second year of Junior College barely scoring a pass, or in worse scenarios, failing their promotional examinations. This is when selecting the right JC Maths Tuition for their child becomes absolutely crucial and urgent – having no time to waste as one of the most significant academic milestone looms head, the ‘A’ Levels Examination.
Is it possible to salvage my failing grade when I only have a year or so left to improve?
Jc maths tuition
The answer is a definite yes, according to studies done since the early 1970s, it is time and time again proven that intellectual growth is a result in immersing one in an appropriate environment which will allow them to flourish.
Effort and the right environment will no doubt allow your child to reach greater heights in terms of academic achievement.
So what considerations should I have in order to select the right environment for my child in learning Mathematics?

  1. Class sizes should be small

Each JC Maths Tuition class should hold up to a maximum of 10 students, allowing for a more conducive environment for learning as this makes it possible for the tutor to focus on each student and questions should be asked during class to ensure that they are on the right track in understanding Mathematics.

  1. Consultations should be provided

Consultations should be provided for students to consult tutors with Mathematic problems or concepts. Your child’s understanding of Mathematics should be prioritised – and not just what is just taught in class.

  1. Concepts are retaught

Math concepts from school should be retaught before given questions to practice, this guides students’ learning and allows them to relearn what they have not managed to catch on previously, allowing them to gain a clearer understanding and providing them with more confidence in solving Mathematics problems.

  1. Lots of practice should be given

In order to master Mathematics, it is important to practice consistently and sufficiently. Adequate practice should be provided to the students by the centre and marking of the work should be done in order for teachers to identify weaknesses in concepts and also presentations – which is a key in Mathematics.

  1. Location of Centre

Location of centre should be important so that it will be accessible to students when travelling via public transport.

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