With time, the education mechanism has evolved so much that even the manner of delivering the knowledge have transformed. In no other case could it be truer than the case of online certifications. Regardless of the level of expertise, be it an associate level or an executive level, emergent market trends have forced for the education to be made available online.
That being said, and the industry being so distributed across the globe, we still have plenty of online vendors who are not able to fully capitalize on this opportunity. An individual who wants to enrol in an executive level course for the chief learning officer should take note. A brands’ name is what it comes down to, at the end of the day. There is a reason why people fight for a chance to be the part of an institution like Wharton and not any other XYZ, third-party vendor. This even makes up for an interesting case study.
Harvard and a few other ivy league schools are able to take their courses online probably because of the ease of endowments. Other small institutions, don’t have the same leverage. But all’s not hunky dory for such big vendors. Local certification providers have an edge on internationally renowned credentialing bodies in that they can reach the local population in an efficient manner.
An interesting point to discuss here is that the Massive online open courses that we see these days are giving the executive programs, run under the classroom walls a run for their money. For a fact, professionals who are working in corporates, do get the option to use organizational programs and update their skill sets. Guess which avenue are they turning towards. The MOOCs, but off-course. The greatest advantage of such Chief learning officer courses lies with their job-ready curriculum. It not only takes into account the key responsibility areas which are most sort after by the employers.
Undergoing such a rigorously designed procedure, the applicant could be assured that their career becomes recession proof. is an upcoming yet promising source to stay ahead of the game and learn as much as possible about the latest happenings in the industry. For those visionaries who are already leading in their companies in CLO roles, it is a one-stop destination for learning reading the heartbeat of the organization.
Read about the history of how this role got its name, what should an ideal CLO be like, how to have the eye that lets you pick your own CLO successor at the workplace. These are just the tip of the iceberg. It is also one of the main objectives of this website to curate facts on top class, highly knowledgeable achievers of the industry, so people who inspire to be like them, could, from a single source get what they need. Be it Aaron Olson or Alex Goryachev, Andrea Elkin or Annmarie Neal, the website directory contains information on all major top chief learning officer worldwide.

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