How Can Studying in New Zealand Help you to Make a Good Career?

In recent years, New Zealand has become the preferred destination for International students.  Reason being, there is better education and more prospects for jobs in New Zealand. People prefer to study and reside in New Zealand because people there have access to a quality life.
Benefits of Developed Economy
The Economy of New Zealand is developed and stable relative to other countries. Cost of living is relatively low and income level is high. As per a recent report on a survey of 130,000 international students at government-funded institutions, Students of New Zealand are more likely to find a job than they are to return overseas a year after completing their qualification.
As per recent facts and figures of the Ministry of Education, Around 40% of international students were employed in New Zealand a year after graduation.
Meanwhile, 22% of them continued onto further study and 27% of graduates returned home. This is a better situation compared to other countries.
However, employment rates vary significantly according to qualification and age and demand and supply of jobs in the market.
Considering employment rates of young, international graduates (ages up to 29 years old for PhD students), graduate certificate or diploma recipients were the most likely to gain employment in New Zealand, with 60% students working in the country a year after graduation.
In comparison, 45% of PhD students and 51% of Level 5-7 certificate holders were employed within a year after graduation.
International Recognition
The degrees, diplomas and certification courses of Universities of New Zealand are globally recognized. Consequently, students of New Zealand Universities excel in their careers and can move to other countries for better career prospects. In the latest ranking of Universities across the globe, New Zealand’s eight universities have once again ranked among the best in the world in prestigious Times Higher Education World University Rankings.
Five of the universities went up the table in World Rankings, while the other three Universities occupied the same rank as of last year.  All eight now sit among the top 600 in the world.
It is for the first time that university from outside the United States has acquired top position in the Times Higher Education rankings.
The University of Auckland remains at 165th position in the rankings, up from joint 172nd last year.
Relatively less Racial Discrimination
Racial discrimination is a much debated issue these days as a large chunk of students across the globe are opting for International Education. Consequentially, the native peoples of the developed economies are opposing the immigration policy. Reason being their jobs are taken away by international students.
However, when we talk about New Zealand there is relatively less racial discrimination compared to other countries like the UK. Consequentially, people can get promotion in New Zealand only and they don’t have to move other countries for promotion and lucrative package.
Ease in visa acquisition and residency
If an international participant has potential to get a lucrative salary in New Zealand, he will not be rejected in visa acquisition process. If an international participant is able to explain why he has decided to go down there he will usually get a visa.
These all reasons clearly suggest that Study in NewZealand for Indian Students can help you to make a good career for yourself. For more information on study options and immigration to New Zealand, contact ISA Migrations.

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