Career Prospects in Architecture

Career Prospects in Architecture

The science along with the art of planning a building or any physical structure is known as Architecture. This is an exclusive field which combines art and culture, science and technology and even features of the business.

Architectural engineering is a challenging profession field which requires a stronghold of calculus, geometry and physics. But, the field of architectural engineering is not all about numbers and computations; students must study about art, design, history and the humanities, subjects which helps to understand architecture on a general basis and assist communication with other professionals, including main architects.

Those students who have a degree from architecture colleges in Delhi can work as architectural engineers, engineering managers and construction technicians.

The course generally contains long hours of work in the form of studies, projects and design drawings.
Architects work on:

  • Developing ideas with the customer
  • Allocating budgets
  • Assessing the layout of the building and its effect on the local atmosphere
  • Working on building strategies and projects
  • Site selection and work in a unit with contractors on site

The job of an architect is also to make sure that the work is performed to particular criteria and especially, make certain that the structure being built is maintainable, well-designed and artistically attractive.

Architectural Engineer

Architects may visualize a building’s design. Architectural engineers are also known as civil engineers. They make these visions and plans come true by applying knowledge of ventilation, lighting, structural systems and constructing codes.

Engineering Technician

To solve the technical problems in a variety of design, construction and production-related fields, engineering technicians use their logical skills in math and science. Some of their job tasks consist of research, growth and production troubleshooting.

Construction Manager

Construction managers are in charge of the planning, development and coordination of construction projects. They are the owners of a firm or salaried contractors of a big company.


From Architecture College in Delhi NCR, the candidate can choose either degree course in architecture (B.Arch.) or diploma in architecture. For applying B.Arch. after class 12th, the candidate should have at least 50% marks in PCM. Additionally, there is an entrance test for seeking admission in B.Arch. The selection procedure of different universities is not the same, which administers either s the student may be selected for the course or not.

Career Prospects

The common firms which appoint architecture graduates are from

  • Construction
  • Real Estate
  • Engineering
  • Technology and Information technology
  • MNC Banks

Similarly, architects are appointed for particular work by

  • Public Sector Departments
  • Management Consultancies
  • Market Research Firms

Students can join a company or start their own business as an architect after completion of their graduation.

Jobs & Salary

Following are the jobs for architect graduates:

  • Interior designer
  • Architectural Technologist
  • Building Surveyor
  • Town planner
  • Landscape architect
  • Planning and development surveyor


Being a fresher trainee it may be disturbing to work for just 5-10K but after gaining experience there is no limit to earning. The salary in the private sector is always better than the government sector. In case of a consultant, the earning can earn something between 5-10% of the entire construction value of the building. The costs may be different depending upon the advisor.

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