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On the eve of the medical exams, despite your revisions, you have the impression that your memory is a colander. You are afraid of having forgotten everything on D-day! Do not panic.

Your memory can do its job very well. If you take care of it and if you take into account how it works. The NEET medical coaching videos are perfect in this case. From then you will be able to get the proper suggestions.

Exams: take care of your memory

Imagine that you are offered an exotic plant that must give bright flowers. For this, it must be watered very regularly, a little but not too much, and especially place in a shady place.

If you deprive your water plant for several days in a row and let the sun’s rays burn it, the flowers will not be there. Yet it was a very beautiful specimen.

The image can be applied to our memory: we all have a brain with this wonderful ability to keep track of multiple knowledge.

Short-Term Memory and also long-term

But as the rare plant, this memory can flourish only if we take care not to damage it and feed it properly. No need to ask your doctor for miracle pills for the memory! In the face of memory difficulties, apply the “natural” recipes instead.

Shape: preserve your sleep and your life balance

Exams: take care of your memory

Many difficulties in memorizing simply come from a poor lifestyle. We know that sleep plays an essential role in the process of memorization because when we sleep, the trace left in the brain by our learning stabilizes. A bit like the seed that takes root in the well-watered land. The online classes for medical preparation are there no doubt.

Lack of sleep interferes with memory attention and anchoring

If you sleep too little, this secret work is less effective: the fixation of memories and knowledge, “memorial anchoring” in the long-term memory is less good.

In short, during revisions, be very careful about your bedtime. Better to get a good night’s sleep to be in shape than to yawn for hours in front of his classes. More than anything avoid sleepless nights, even if you’re late.

Exams: take care of your memory

Some students panic completely on the day of the exam. “I knew my class, but I lost all my means.” Others are persuaded to be weaker or less talented than others; they lack a sense of self-confidence. Other emotions and negative thoughts can also invade them. This promotes stress, a physical mechanism that again sabotages the work of memory, and in particular, prevents us from remembering what we have learned.

Do you know what emotions are involved? What makes you panic on the day of the exam? Are you bombarded with negative thoughts that hinder your concentration when you study? It is already necessary to identify cold these ideas which lead you to be able to fight them. There are for example psycho-sensory methods to fight against stress by focusing on his breathing to better live the moment.

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