Transforming Indian Education System

How Digitization is Transforming Indian Education System

Digital Education is creating a landmark in the field of education by shoveling India to attain the goal of “education to all.” On comparing, we can see a completely different scenario in the education sector now with the education system of two decades ago. Today, with the help of digital devices like mobile phones,laptops, etc., one can easily learn various things, get aware of the things around them and study their subject at the comfort of their own place and time.

The youth in today’s world is driven by the technology, which is available to them in the form of digital devices. Learning through these devices has proved far more beneficial to every individual. Let us understand the importance of digital devices in the field of education-

  • Engaging students in learning-

It is a prerequisite in education that students develop an interest in the learning process. A boring and tiresome lecture will not develop any learning instincts within a student. But, with the help of digital devices, students can easily be engaged in the learning process.

Students can now be taught using video lessons and games. The video lectures are interesting as it offers students to learn through animation and real, 3D pictorial representations. Various geometrical objects can be easily understood through these means. Thus, it is easy to imagine the real-life concepts; for example, while calculating the volume of a cone, one can easily understand the actual area covered by it and means of calculating it.

  • Flexibility and Portable in nature-

Digital devices also offer a great amount of benefit to the user as it can be used according to the preference of the user. Along with this, these devices are portable in nature and thus, can be carried by the users while traveling. Therefore, one can easily invest their leisure time in learning.

  • Improve attendance in School-

This type of learning, when followed in a school, can add a huge benefit to the students in learning. A majority of the students are interested in using technology, thus, with the integration of technology, the learning process can be made easier and more effective. This will not only improve the learning experience but will also directly help the students to follow punctuality and discipline in their life.

All these transformations help students to learn more effectively through the digital means in an engaging manner. These techniques help students to understand the concepts in a better manner. Students can now learn various concepts of maths and science such as the perimeter of square etc. in an easy and engaging way.

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