SAP MM interview

How to crack SAP MM interview

An SAP MM (Materials Management) is one of the populous modules of SAP. It is an essential part of the ERP systems and it also helps the other modules to cover all the core departments of a client’s enterprise. It is specially designed to streamline and automate the processes of Inventory Management, Invoice Verification, Procurement and Valuation. The components of Material Management are attracting people to develop their career path as SAP analysts, trainers, consultants or coordinators. The ranking of MM is very high in the list of all the other modules of SAP.

In order to enrol in a course of SAP MM, you need to undergo a rigorous interview process. The seats are limited, but the demand for this course is extremely high. Therefore, it is important for you to appear well prepared with basic questions regarding SAP MM. Some of the frequently asked MM Interview Questions are discussed below.

  • Name the integral components present in SAP MM?

The components present in the SAP MM are- Physical inventory, Purchasing, Invoice Verification, Inventory Management, Materials master, foreign trade/customs, Service Master, and Materials required for planning.

  • What is the t-code used to create Purchase requisition?

The t-code is the transaction code. And, the transaction code required to create Purchase requisition in MM is ME51N.

  • State the different types of Basic Procurement.

There are two types of basic procurement. The first procurement is for stock v/s consumption. And, the second one is for internal v/s external procurement.

  • What are the few common stock transport order movement type?

The few common stock transport order to fix issues are MTs 303, 351, 643 or 641. However, you can use MT301 for one step transfers. Users generally use MT301 for generating an STO Good Receipt.

  • Discuss the difference between Purchase Order and Purchase Requisition.

A purchase order is more of a formal type document framed to request service from outside vendors or plants whereas purchase requisition serves as a reminder to notify the need for particular materials or services.

  • What is the difference between SAP MM and SAP MDM?

SAP MM modules deal with the regular operations of an inventory management. These operations include storage, material valuation, planning, etc. It also deals with Procurement processes like purchase orders, receipts and goods.

The modules of SAP MDM deal with Master Data Management. It comprises the data specific to business including customer or vendor names, banking information or product descriptions.

  • What is a pricing procedure?

A pricing procedure helps to determine the prices through purchasing documents. It helps us to be prepared for various calculations in situations of need. Pricing procedure is utilized during PFQ and PO creations.

  • Describe the necessary steps to configure pricing procedure in SAP MM.

Firstly, you need to maintain a condition table and frame the access sequence. Then maintain the calculation schema and the condition type for vendors and purchasing organizations. Thirdly, assign the schema to PO and Vendors. Lastly, maintain the condition record and schema determination.

These are some of the basic questions asked in the interview. There are more and it is essential to study in depth to crack the SAP MM interview.

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