The competencies and skills required for a flourishing HR career

Are you interested a career in human resources (HR)? Do you want to know more about the skills and competencies you need? Read this article to get some in-depth insights into the profession.

Are you the right person for HR careers?

Before you decide your career choice as a HR, you should be aware whether you have the right skills and knowledge for the field. Some personal attributes for a HR career are as follows:

·        Critical Thinking: You must be able to analyze information as fast as possible and use them to take important decisions.

·        Influencer: You should be able to get commitment from various quarters to earn benefits for the organization

·        Appropriate Personality: You must gain expertise in both commercial and HR matters and take the professional approach.

·        Collaborative: You must be able to work in tandem with a whole range of people within and outside of your organization.

·        Focus on delivery: You should be focused on delivering the best possible outcomes for the company and should have the determination to your goals.

·        Challengetaking aptitude: You must be able to challenge the status quo, when required and take different unfamiliar circumstance in your stride.

·        Role model: You must be able to lead by example and practice, religiously, what you really preach.

·        Inquisitiveness: You should be curious with the intent to find out the latest ways to support your organization’s development.
If you have the above-mentioned traits, HR is the right profession for you.

HR Certification Program: The Much-Needed Wind Beneath Your Wings

Both for HR professionals and HR aspirants, human resource certificate programs provide an advantageous edge. These programs cover some important aspects of HR, without losing their focus on the latest developments in the HR field.

While talking about the relevance of professional certifications in human resources, the industry veteran and HR head at a Gurgaon-based firm said, “The human resource profession is in a state of flux. It means you have to keep yourself updated with the latest developments. Adding to that, professional certifications matter when it comes to applying for human resources jobs.”
Research says that most of the professionals opt for human resources certificate to ride ‘higher’ in their careers. And when it comes to organizations, as the survey reveals, they prefer certified ones over their non-certified peers.

Is HR certification an expensive and time-consuming matter?

 No, not at all. At least, nowadays. Thanks to HR certification programs online, certification aspirants may opt for online courses and earn the certification. All is required for them to do is little bit research. Yes, try to spend some time to explore various online HR certification programs and compare them. You will definitely get a good one suitable for you.

So, if you want to make it big in your HR career or if you are eyeing human resources jobs in 2017, professional certifications will be a must for you. Earn it and give your human resource career the attention it deserves.

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