Mukkabaaz Full Movie Full Cast, Crew and wiki story

Mukkabaaz may be a Hindi motion picture directed by Anurag Kashyap and created below the banner color Yellow Productions. The film stars Vineeth Kumar, Zoya, Jimmy Sheirgill amongst associate degree ensemble forged. Vineeth Kumar, UN agency has worked with Anurag Kashyap on 3 films, ‘Gangs Of Wasseypur,’ ‘Ugly,’ and ‘Murabba,’ is that the lead whereas Jimmy Sheirgill is that the main antagonist. The film may be a fictitious tale of the lifetime of a boxer. Mukkebaaz is entirely set within the town of Bareilly, state and is predicated on the story of a boxer from UN agency falls smitten with a Brahmin lady. Anurag Kashyap’s last film Raman Raghav two.0 was an advert failure. The motion picture was vie at MAMI fete.

Mukkabaaz, supported a real story, may be a sturdy, raucous, sportive ride through the muck of casteism, corruption and unfeelingness. It defies expectations on several counts and eschews the shrill jingoism that’s related to Indian sports films. The protagonist is not fighting below a flag nor area unit the folks maturation for him intended by national pride. he’s within the game just for survival – and love. His solely intent is to figure his answer of the misfortunes that his birth and station in life have concentrated on him.

The hero, Shravan Kumar (Vineet Kumar Singh), barely educated, poor and of lowly position, has reason to loathe the person UN agency would be god. “Naam Bhagwan Hone se koi bhagwan toh nahin ho jaata (Just as a result of his name is God doesn’t create him god),” he says. And this once the young man has attained the boxing mandarin’s wrath for life: he not solely declines to try to to the latter’s bidding, he conjointly socks him smack within the face and leaves him with a bloody nose.

Mukkabaaz, in its angle towards caste oppression and cow law enforcement, is simply as flamable and provocative. The film, in fact, opens with a sequence during which 2 cow traders area unit fine by a mob vocalizing Asian country Mata Ki Jai whereas the atrocious act is recorded on a mobile.

The attackers area unit Bhagwanji’s boys, a bunch of applicant boxers masquerading with freedom as a kill squad. thus there’s clearly a lot of meat to the artfully subversive Mukkabaaz than the extreme duels and violent skirmishes that happen within and out of doors the ring. it’s the primary Bollywood film that dares to decision out the depredations of alleged gau rakshaks.

Mukkabaaz couches its politics in a very construct that, on the face of it, may well be delineate as a sports film, story and family drama rolled into one. the primary is, of course, centred on the hero’s personal struggles to remain fighting work and chase his dream despite the chances he’s up against.

The second hinges on the plucky Sunaina (debutante Zoya Hussain), Bhagwan Das’s mute kinswoman, UN agency uses a mixture of language and mobile text messages to speak with Shravan, UN agency loves her to distraction. She reciprocates as a result of she sees within the man the promise of a price ticket to freedom from the breathless surroundings that she lives in. Mukkabaaz Full Movie

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