Promise Rings for Her – Understanding its significance

There are several things that you can gift your girlfriend. But the one that is sure to be held worthy and make her proud is promise rings for her. These rings are undoubtedly the important rings that a girl receives from her boyfriend. It shows that how much she is being loved by you. Perhaps, it is also the very first ring that she receives from someone that she really likes. These rings can be found to fit every type of budget. Hence, irrespective of the fact you are searching to buy a budgeted ring or an expensive one that can mesmerize her, there definitely something suitable for every person.

His and hers promise ring sets – know its history

Promise rings for herare considered to be pre-engagement rings which dates back to about 16thcentury. They were previously exchanged by couples which were either too poor or too young. They were also noticed not to be ready to commit to marriage immediately. In 19th century Europe, such rings were looked as something romantic and were filled with optimism and positiveness for the future. Often, semi-precious stones were used like emerald, ruby or sapphire and these became the recipient’s initials. At times, they also spelt the word ‘love’ very clearly. The choice of rings these days can be found in endless varieties, like sapphires, diamonds, emeralds, cubic zirconia, rubies, etc. Also, metals can be found to suit all budgets, which include yellow gold, white gold, titanium, stainless steel, sterling silver, etc.

Promise rings his and hers – How to wear it?

These rings can be worn either on the left or the right hand. This is actually more of a preferential matter than a custom. There are many women who prefer to wear it on their right hand. This way, they can avoid the confusions if they are engaged or not. There are also available rings for men and of different choices. One of the popular choices to be found in stones is diamonds. Birthstone tradition became popular right from the Queen Victorian era. She was offered an emerald snake shaped ring. The ring can be made all the more personal by choosing a birthstone.

His and hers promise rings – Shopping for rings

Online shopping is indeed a wonderful way to come across a wide range of rings at fabulous prices. You can easily find beautiful gemstone and diamond rings and make savings to even about 75%! This is an offer that you will not get at any local store. The reason is because, online jewelry stores do have to bear a lot of overhead and hence, very less discounts. But, online shops do not have many expenses and pass on the discounts to their customers. This does help the customers to come back again for more and to recommend it to the others. Also, you do not have to compromise on the quality aspect.
You can always buy the best engraved promise rings for her that is sure to surprise her.
Promissory rings are very much crucial to the recipient as it signifies the amount of love showered by the giver of this gift. So, the selection needs to be a proper one.

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