Here Are the Top-Most Favourite Dress Varieties of Women

Ask a girl about her favourite outfit, and it’s likely that she will say, “It’s a dress!” Lots of women in the world are head over heels in love with dresses. And if you are one of them, then you sure have a lot of them in your wardrobe. But did you know, some dresses sell better than others? Yes, that’s right! Some dresses are more popular than certain others. And if you want to know what these dresses are, then have a look here-

1.Fit and flare dresses- It is an extremely popular variety of dresses. The most interesting aspect of this dress is its cut. It is the cut of this dress that offers it an extremely cute look. You can find a fit and flare dress in numerous designs. While some come with sleeves, others don’t. And while some remain heavily embellished, others are extremely simple. You can also find this dress in a number of patterns, prints, and colours. Interestingly, almost all patterns, prints and colours look awesome on this variety of dresses.

This dress is perfect for women who do not have an extremely attractive lower body to show off. The flared bottom of the dress is great to hide flaws in your thighs.

2.Bodycon dresses- If you are looking for some sexy variety of dresses, then bodycon is your option. Bodycon dresses cling to the body. So, if you are thinking of wearing it during a hot summer day then make sure you have picked it in some light fabric. These dresses are body flattering, and if you have a beautiful and curvaceous figure then do flaunt it with a bodycon dress. This is a popular dress variety among celebs as well. So, women who wish to look like a Diva can choose a bodycon dress without doubts and apprehensions.

3.Ball gowns- Have you seen princesses wearing this gown variety in period movies?  If yes, then tell us how beautiful they look? Well, we got your answer! This is a dress that is basically worn in the ballroom. But you can wear this on other occasions as well. Ball gowns have a majestic feel to them and they can make the wearer look like a princess.

4.Bohemian style dresses- This is a unique dress variety that women thoroughly love. And this is a more recent addition to the long list of dresses women already love to wear. Unique print patterns and fabrics used in Bohemian style dresses are what make this dress extremely appealing to the eyes. If you are a big fan of Bohemian lifestyle, then slipping into a Bohemian dress would be the best bet. Bohemian dresses carry a downtown feel while oozing out that unadulterated uptown elegance.

5.Empress dresses- Empress dresses cling to your body only around the bust area. Below that, they transform into a flowing gown. It’s a popular dress variety that the royalty and nobility preferred in the days of yore. But this dress variety looks so glamorous that people wear it even today, that too with oodles of grace.

These dress varieties are cool as well as wearable. So, if you are thinking of shopping for a dress sometime soon, then you can choose one from the options given above.

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