Christmas Gifting Ideas for Gifting Your Best Friend

Christmas gifting is fun yet very tiresome especially if you work long hours and stay away from family. Luckily, through all the busy city schedule and hectic lives, you have your best friend by your side through thick and thin. Gifting your best friend can either be the most easiest thing or the most difficult thing depending on how picking your best friend is! Here are a few simple ideas for gifting your best friend this Christmas which are not too expensive–
Customized chocolate baskets
There are various gifting websites that offer customized chocolate gift baskets, online flowers and chocolates delivery throughout the country at very affordable shipping rates. You can order your best friend’s favorite chocolates and flavors of chocolates in an assorted gift basket. Bakeries that prepare gourmet chocolates have a wide range of options to choose from such as orange, mint, dark chocolate, coffee, liquor etc. Mix this up with her favorite flowers in a bouquet and send it to her doorstep. This is the one of the most simplest ideas for gifting which will definitely put a smile on her face! Don’t forget to add a tiny greeting card with Christmas wishes.
Her favorite dress
Your best friend has been eyeing that dress at the mall for what seems like forever but for some reason she can’t seem to get her hands on it. Surprise her by buying her that dress and sending it over to her place anonymously. Let her wonder who the dress came from and finally reveal it to her in person. The happiness on her face is going to be priceless and worth much more than the dress itself! She will never for this Christmas present and always be reminded of you whenever she wears it!
Hair appliances and accessories
Girls love styling their hair and especially these days with the increase in beauty bloggers and makeup gurus online on Youtube and Instagram, everyone wants to experiment on their hair themselves. Gift your best friend that hair curling and straightening set that she has been wanting for a while! You can also gift her other complimentary hair accessories like combs, sprays, mousse etc. to complete this Christmas present! These are generally not very expensive and are very affordable during seasonal sales.
Customized Stationery
You can gift her a goodie bag of customized stationery such as mugs, keychains, pens, notepads etc. which she will use in her everyday life. If she loves reading fiction books, you can customize the entire stationery with a theme such as Harry Potter theme, Lord of the Rings themes and so on. A lot of online gifting stores allow you to customize stationery at very affordable rates.
There are a lot of other gifting options online on websites that offer chocolate gift baskets, online flowers and chocolates delivery such as watches, fragrances etc. but these are way too common. You can always gift your best friend a fragrance but for Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Birthdays etc. the gifting should be a little more detailed and thoughtful.

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