Simple Ways to Help Your Friend Get Over Her Break Up

Break ups are one of those emotional phases in a person’s life where they don’t quite understand what is going on and what really happened to end a long relationship. Life can be difficult sometimes and this is when your support circle like your best friends, close friends and family help you out with getting out of this phase. Getting over a break up can be difficult and if your friend is going through one, you will need to be her support system. There are a lot of different things you can do together to take her mind off the break up and focus on herself. Here are some simple ways to brighten up your friend’s mood during her break up without going over the top with your budgets –
Gift them beautiful flowers
Thanks to online website and gifting portals, you can easily send flowers to Ajmer, Mumbai, Kerala and any part of the country for minimal shipping rates and sometimes, completely free of cost shipping as well! Flowers instantly brighten up a person’s mood and are a perfect option for gifting on a budget. When you shop online, you have a wide variety to pick from as well so be sure to pick up your friend’s favorite flowers! Don’t forget to add a cute personalized note in the cards with a motivational messaged and telling your friend how much you love and admire them.
Box of chocolates or cupcakes
You can easily customize a box of assorted chocolates with different flavors, shapes and sizes. Online gifting stores that allow you send flowers to Ajmer and across India have tie ups with some of the best bakeries and patisseries from where you can buy the best chocolates for your friend! If you friend isn’t big on chocolates, you can also customize a box of assorted cupcakes with cute graphics and messages on each cupcake. This will definitely cheer her up and during a break up, comfort food is something that everyone wants which will be an added bonus for you!
Do a spa day together
One of the best ways to get her mind off things is to take her out for a spa day, Both of you can get making nail colors and even body massages and facials! These massages and spa treatments will definitely get rid of her stress and make her feel slightly better if not completely better. You can plan out a whole spa day together right from facial to manicures, pedicures, body massage and even a hair spa! A lot of salons and spas have gift vouchers for best friends and couples and bulk services usually give you good discounts too!
Go shopping!
Take your friend shopping to her favorite makeup store like Sephora or her favorite shopping outlet like Zara or Mango! Even if you both don’t plan to splurge, you can always window shop! This will definitely take her mind off things when she’s amidst people and colorful accessories, makeup and clothes!

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