All You Need To Know About The Different Kinds Of Foot And Ankle Surgeries

Foot and ankle surgery falls under podiatry and also orthopaedics. It deals mainly with the diagnosis, treatment and also the prevention of various kinds of disorders that are related to our foot and ankle. Various kinds of foot and ankle surgeries are done on men so that their problems can be cured easily. Our foot and ankle supports our whole weight and enables locomotion in us. It is one of the most important parts of our body and that is why we need to protect them and in certain cases where foot surgeries are necessary we need to go for it. Sometimes only foot and ankle surgeries can cure our troubles and give us relief from all the problems related out foot and ankle. Orthopaedic doctors can only specialise in this department after they get their M.D degrees in orthopaedics and spend years on surgical residency. The orthopaedic and podiatric surgeons have to do various kinds of surgeries in order to make their patient able to walk or stand again. Let’s learn more about the various kinds of surgeries in this article.

  • Morton neuroma: best orthopaedic hospitals in India perform this surgery. This is a very bad condition where the nerves between two toes are affected badly. It is very painful for the patient. The tissue around the nerve thickens as well. Surgery is needed when conventional treatment fails. Surgery gives relief to the patient who is unable to stand or walk properly because of the continuous pain in the feet. It happens mainly in women and runners and can be caused by wearing high eels regularly and also because of the extreme pressure runners put on their feet.
  • Metatarsal surgery: metatarsophalangeal joints sometimes get dislocated when the patient is suffering from arthritis. During this time it is necessary to get surgery done if nothing else is working. This condition is very painful and makes one feel like they are walking on stones or pebbles. Total five of the metatarsal bones are present in each of your feet. Patients need to wear a case after this surgery. As there are five bones so five kinds of metatarsal surgeries are performed in us. This surgery can cure problems like bunion deformities, metatarsal fractures, foot problems due to diabetes, arthritis, and calluses on the ball or bottom of the feet.
  • Achilles tendon surgery: Present on the back of our heel, the Achilles tendon is very important for the proper functioning of our feet and when it ruptures it creates several problems. We won’t be able to walk properly if it ruptures. It connects the ankle bone and the calf muscles. Surgery is done if physiotherapy and using of plaster fails. Opting for percutaneous surgery is good because it minimises the risk of getting any wound infection form the surgery as this surgery uses small cuts unlike traditional operations.
  • Ankle Fracture: It can be caused by any reason. It is very painful and needs immediate surgery. Best foot and ankle surgeon in India only opt for operation when non-surgical method fails. Swelling, bruising and pain are the primary symptoms and later an X-ray will show what is seriously wrong.

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