Neurological problems and its treatment in India

Neurological system

Neural system is one of the most important system in the human body. It is present in both male and female system. It is most important as it is one and only one to do all the coordinative activity in the body. Along with the neural coordinative system another system is also present in the human involved in same coordinative function is called as the Hormonal system. The hormones are the biomolecules secreted in the human body for the different type of activities. However the neural system remains the main and the primary one. The center most point of this particular system is the brain. It is the master organ of the body and is also called as the master coordinative organ. The human brain has got different parts mainly divided in to the white matter and grey matter. These parts has got loads of important function in the human body. Along with that hypothalamus, a small organ present at the outer side of the brain is also a part of that network. Starting from the brain neural network extends up to the spinal cord end. The spinal cord is the hollow channel like system that contain the tuft of nerve cells for the nervous conduction of impulse, these impulses define the human body in a greater way as without these impulses the human body won’t be able to sense anything.

Neurons and the working mechanism

Neurons are the structural as well as the functional unit of the nervous system. They are the simpler units and with them they make the nerve fibers. These nerve fibers are long threads of neurons connected with each other forming a chain. And through this chain the nerve impulses travel to the desired section of the human body where action is needed. One end of the neuron starts from the upper part where they obtain or rather procure the impulse or the information and the other end of the neuron transmits that particular information or the impulse to the other neurons upper. In this way the total travelling happens. And this whole function takes very less time to work. As less than a fraction of a second’s interval. Nervous problem and nerval disorder is one of the most common problem in almost every household. It does not even spares the pregnant woman too. And pregnancy along with nervous disorder gives doctors very hard to treat and cure the problem. Although treatments as well as medicines are present for each and every case of problem. However this problem is very much dangerous for every patients at any condition.


Epilepsy is most common for the pregnant woman in their gestational phase. Although medicines are available however the medicines contains much side effects the lady as well as for the baby. Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease are very much common too affecting the older age population.

Hospitals in India

Neuro treatments are very much done in India. Best neuro hospitals of India  has a lot good doctors as well as updated machineries to treat the diseases.

Best diagnosis

It is always advised to go to a proper doctor having much experience in this particular field for the treatment of these type of problem.

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