A Variety of Indian Chicken Gravy Recipes

Like the ultimate majority pleaser, chicken gravy has distinct flavours and recipes which will make your mouth water once the smell of it reaches your nose. It holds great importance among millions of people who believe in the satisfaction that a plate of chicken gravy can provide them with like, butter chicken, kadhai chicken or chicken korma, etc. Each dish has a unique taste with the succulent chunks of chicken in feisty gravy that can make anyone fall in love with the dishes. It is a must-have in all the Indian parties.

Use of Masala

India is a land of different spices and different flavours of chicken from around the regions. The word ‘kari’ has been derived from the Tamil word for sauce which is known to have been originated during the ancient Indus civilisation, followed by the popular love for ‘curry’ or chicken tikka masala among the British. The curry or gravy is the bold base which enhances the taste and depth of the dish. The versatility of the different chicken gravy recipes from different regions makes it more interesting altogether. A delicious curry bursting with garam masala and other spices is usually served in the Northern and Eastern parts of India. Poppy-seeds, khada masala and cardamom dominate the western regions that are paired with plate steaming rice. The South is popular for the addition of coconut milk in their gravy, which adds to its speciality.

Medium of cooking

The medium of cooking the different chicken gravies also differ from one region to another. Vegetable oil or ghee is generally used in North India while coconut oil rules in the Southern gravies. The East and the West are known to use mustard oil and groundnut oil for bringing their preferred taste in their chicken curries.


It must be agreed upon that cooking such a number of chicken gravies require some serious skills. The delicately cooked meat must be steeped, stewed or simmered in the gravy in order to get the gravy cooked, which will be understood once the oil starts to separate, indicating the base to be ready. The chicken is best when cooked separately and added to the base which enhances the flavour and rich taste to seep through.

List of some of the best chicken gravy recipes are:

Malvani Chicken Curry– It is a curry with a coconut base and the use of malvani masala makes the dish more special.

Butter Chicken– Must be marinated overnight and the chicken has to be roasted, cooked in cream and masalas. The brilliance of this dish is known among majority of the people in the country.

Hari Mirch aur Nimbu ka Murg– The squeezed lime added to this dish makes it so special. Green chillies and lime are the highlights of the dish which is laced with chicken in the end.

Murg Rezala– Rich and robust, this famous Bengali curry is one of the best Indian chicken gravy recipes. This dish is made with cashew nut paste, coconut and khoya and boneless chicken.

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