3 Startling Ways To Punch Up Your Space With A Statement Rug In Sydney

There is a rising demand for experts of furniture styling in Sydney. The time of selling your home can be stressful. There are several things to consider before placing the ‘For Sale’ sign in front of the yard. Staging the interior to convince buyers to make their offer is high on the list. Everybody knows that a coat of paint freshens, rooms, but what of accessories? When staging for sale, it’s best to pack personal objects and photos away and clear all clutter. The potential buyer must be able to imagine his own furnishings and furniture in the rooms – but that does not mean the home should remain boring. You should add personality and pizzazz to make the home stand out. One cost-effective way of doing it is by utilizing area rugs inside unexpected places.


  1. Anchor a conversational or seating area

It is not necessary that an area rug should fill a whole room. Place it in front of a pair of chairs or the sofa with a nice coffee table in the center, or utilize it to anchor a statement table or chair. What you want to do is give the potential buyer ideas for potential furniture placement, or show him how he can create a tiny cozy reading corner right in the living room. Shag rugs have certainly made a big comeback and are a critical design trend. You will always get a furniture styling agency that uses them. The rugs invite people to take off their shoes and stay for some time. You should not worry as they vary from those of your grandmother’s days – modern styles are plush and soft. Choose a neutral color that features a little sheen.


  1. Do not be afraid of mixing patterns

Use a graphic pattern rug to easily go from boring to ‘wow’. Some vintage bathrooms featuring styles from way back in the 1920s have been known to feature this rug, ceramic and other fixtures which all combine to make them modern and beautiful. Adding modern, large-scale floral rugs that are colored in shades of grey, gold, and sage certainly combines to make a bold statement. You will certainly fall in love with the contrast of any old-fashioned style embroidered rug in a print that happens to be quite contemporary.


  1. Layer rugs on your home’s carpeting

It is quite alright to layer an area rug on your wall-to-wall carpeting. A geometric pattern above solid color carpeting truly adds pizzazz as well as personality to any room. You can make it either small or big – just ensure that legs of furniture like center tables sit either fully or partially on the area rug. Area rugs could also help in camouflaging dated or worn carpeting.


Forget shopping in the right department when choosing area rugs. A kitchen rug could be perfect in your bathroom and vice versa says an expert of furniture styling in Sydney. A bathroom rug could certainly work in your kids’ play room or nursery. Just mix and match till you discover what you want concerning aesthetics.

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