Benefits Of Bookings Directly With A Hotel

Surfing the web and comparing the rates of different hotel is a good way to get the best deal.  Online travel agencies and apps are also helping travellers in booking with good hotels at cheap rates. It is beneficial for both parties as hotels get more potential guests and sites charge a high commission fee on every reservation.

Booking online through such sites and apps have been popular for past few years. But now there is a shift in the industry as hotel managements are reluctant to pay high commission fees. That’s why hotels are offering special discounts and perks to the guests who directly book with the hotels. This article listed some significant reasons and benefits of booking directly with a hotel.

You’ll Get The Lowest Price

The online travel agencies update different hotel booking deals daily but many times it is noticed they give a price quote higher than the rates mentioned on the hotel’s official website. That’s why it is better to check the official site of the hotel before making reservation. Contact them directly and ask about discounts and they will surely offer the lowest price available because they don’t have to pay a high commission fee.

Room PreferencesAndQuality Service

The hotel managements have made a strategy and according to it, they reserve specific blocks of a hotel for those guests who booked via third party site. Those rooms or blocks are usually not the best one it means better rooms are for those who book directly with hotel.  Additionally, there are fewer chances of getting any favour from hotel when a traveller needs to cancel the booking or change the dates. Because the user has to deal with that travel agency for this purpose and that often doesn’t work. It is observed that many hotels in Saskatoon and other cities treat those guests well and provide them quality services who booked directly with them.

Get Special Discounts And Amenities

Hotels offer special deals and discounts to their guest as a part of their loyalty program. Only those guests who book directly with the hotel and sign up for their loyalty program can get the benefit from special deals.  Those who book through a third party site or travel agencies do not participate in this program. Moreover, such guests also enjoy plenty of amenities and perks during their stay, including complimentary bottled water, breakfast and discounts at hotel bar or café.

NoCancellation Fee

Another big advantage of direct booking is that hotels usually do not charge cancellation fee to their loyal guest. Sherwood Park hotels and other hotels not only provide quality services and amenities to their guests but they flexible towards those who booked directly with them. OTA bookings often do not enjoy this flexibility because sites charge some cancellation fee. If they want to change the dates or cancel booking they have to deal with them and follow their rules.

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