5 Content Types You Need To Generate Regularly For Your Website

Content creation for any website requires consistency. The SEO campaign for your website requires content that can serve as a complete package for promotion and marketing as well. Hence, it becomes important to divide your content plan into various types.

According to the professional seo company in India every website needs to focus on the consistent creation of five types of content to keep on getting the desired SEO results.

So, let’s dive right into it. 

  1. Short content to grab the interest

Short content includes the blog posts, research, statistics, Q&A and all the other informative content that can help you grab the attention of your target audience. The reason behind creating the short-form content is to bring the attention of the target audience to the products, services and the knowledge you have in the industry. These short form content types help you to gain more subscribers of your other content, which enhances the customer loyalty.

  1. Long content to gain leadership

Along with the short content pieces, you also need long form content in order to create an authoritative image of your website in the industry. The long form content pieces can be the ebooks, courses, videos, and tutorials that are relevant to your industry and useful for your audiences. This helps you attain more loyal audiences and authoritative image in the search engine results.

  1. Engaging Call-to-action content

The creation of the CTA is what requires immense expertise and creativity altogether. You need to influence your audiences to take the desired action within a limited number of words. And the conversion rates depend highly on the CTA you create. This is why you need to regularly update your CTA in order to align it with your short content forms. 

  1. Social media content to drive people towards official website

Social media presence affects your image as well as the rankings in the search results. Hence, you need to invest your time creating engaging and interesting content pieces for the social media as well. The social media content needs to fulfil various criteria.

  • It has to be according to the platform and its features.
  • The content should have the capacity to gain the interest of the right audiences.
  • The trending topics in your industry should be there in the content strategy.
  • Your social media content should be connected to the content on your official website. This will help you drive audiences from the social media platforms to the official website you have.
  1. Content for marketing purposes

SEO plays an important role in the digital marketing as well. Hence, the final content type you need to constantly work on is the marketing content. In this type, you work on the content generation for email marketing, PPC ad copy, and other marketing content pieces. The insertion of the right keywords and keeping the content engaging are two of the main goals here.

So, keep these 5 content types in your strategy and ensure consistent results from your SEO campaigns.


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