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Know what CRM integration and OTP authentication does to your SMS system

Short Messaging service (SMS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) goes hand in hand. It is because of the addition of CRM software to your SMS service which helps in reaching out to the customers under 5 seconds. It will award you of the details of the customers you provide service. One Time Password (OTP) authentication plays an advantageous role in SMS. OTP authentication carries on the legacy to offer successful transmission of data and bulk users. There are ample avenues where the service provider offers the service via an app and for the security of the services as well as the data loaded by the user it is important to know the authenticity of the user by the service provider. The one-time password helps the service provider to know that the service is provided to the required client only.

Ways to integrate SMS with your CRM software are as below:

Notifications and Updates

When you work in with a CRM software, what it does first is that it connects with the consumers through SMS. In a recent survey, 64% of customers rely on SMS updates and notification which could be a ticket updating or an edit of cases. CRM integration helps in secure ends communication.

Reminders, Callbacks and Follow Ups

SMS is an effective tool to deliver the reminders of any substance to remind the customer of the event to be held after that. If the customer in any circumstance fails to attend calls send notifications of missed calls and provide the offer to call back. This ensures the reliability in the clients. If the customer is busy to take the call, align meetings through SMS. These features are highly available once you are in integration with the CRM software. They prove as a great help in cases of reminders required such as payment to an instalment or a service bill of the service provider.

SMS marketing and Relationships

Consistently, companies holding campaigns through SMS have earned greater response than e-mails, so you should try it if you have not done yet. Whenever possible send SMS by including the name of the consumer in the SMS to build a direct bond with him or her.

Importance of OTP authentication in SMS

Secured Transaction

When an OTP authentication backs your SMS service, your messages are delivered instantly so that the consumer transacts in a secured manner.

Wonder mechanism and other miscellaneous features

The re-try mechanism involved during an OTP authentication makes it simple for the consumers when the first OTP gets timed out. On clicking on the re-try option, you will be able to gain the sense of security of the consumers.

In addition to it, listings like bulk transactional routes, 24/7 customer support, integration with third parties like CRM and plug-ins through Excel signs for a good OTP.

The integration and OTP authentication are inevitable characteristics of an SMS service provider. But in pursuance to it, while buying an SMS service, you should keep these points in mind.


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