New Genres of Dedicated Server Plans

There is a new genres of dedicated server plans available to businesses. The new service is provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and it is done through a new service that is known as EC2 Dedicated Hosts. One of the specialties of this hosting plan is the facility for the customers to rent physical servers. Per the new EC2 Dedicated Hosts, licensed software can be used on many multiple AWS virtual machines that are created in one server. However, this facility should not be confused with the usual wayvirtual machines are offered by AWS. In case of VMs, access is available for users but they will not be able to know the exact place where they are hosted. Jeff Barr, chief evangelist of Amazon Web Services, has said that more power can be accessed by the admin in dedicated server plans through the new EC2 Dedicated Hosts plan as it provides admin specific control over EC2 placements. 
Let’s make it more simple to understand. Amazon EC2 Dedicated Host is essentially a machine server that provides businesses with EC2 instance, which in turn is completely dedicated for use of the business choosing the option.  One of the main advantages of dedicated hosts is that compliance requirements become easy to be addressed. In fact, the cost also gets reduced and this is because of the facility of using existing server-bound software licenses.
Now, let’s have a quick look at the benefits associated with the new E2C dedicated server plans:
Benefit #1 –The first advantage is the ability to save cost of licensing. There are many software licenses that come with physical cores, sockets, and VMs. Many software such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Windows Server, and many others are available with dedicated hosts. Therefore, additional licensing costs are saved. 
Benefit # 2 –Whether it is regulatory requirements or compliance, all these aspects can be met easily with this new facility. Instances can be launched on a Dedicated Host. On a physical server, instances are run, especially on the dedicated servers. Further control as well as visibility is achieved on dedicated server plans. The corporate compliance issues as well as regulatory requirement scan be met through deployment of configuration based instances. 
#1Instances can be launched onto specific dedicated host. If you have no issue with placement, automatic instance placement facility is also available with Amazon EC2.Whether it is regarding corporate compliance, address licensing, or regulatory control, the issues can be addressed properly with applications deployment, which is in turn possible through controlled instance placement.

#2For supporting instances on dedicated host there are many visible physical cores and sockets. This information can be used for managing licenses for own server-bound software, which are licensed on the basis of per core and per socket basis.

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