Some Popular Chicken Preparations

Chicken is a versatile and one of the preferred meats of the non-vegetarians. If you are also a chicken lover, then you can prepare different chicken dishes in your kitchen. Several chicken preparations are present in almost every cuisine. By following the step-by-step recipes, you can cook delicious chicken dishes and surprise your family.

Kolhapuri Chicken: You can follow the step-by-step recipe of chicken kolhapuri curry to prepare this amazing and delicious recipe. Kolhapuri cuisine is prominent for the flavourful and spicy foods. You can also discover some famous foods like veg kolhapuri, chicken and mutton kolhapuri,etc on the menus of the restaurant.

The basic ingredients used in the masala are poppy seeds, spices, and sesame seeds. You will get outstanding gravy if you use dry coconut and poppy seeds. If these ingredients are not available, then you can use cashew nuts and desiccated coconut by replacing poppy seeds and dry coconut respectively.

Kolhapuri chicken goes well with chapati or plain steamed rice, onions slices along with lemon wedges.

Chicken Biryani: You can cook it either by using pot or pressure cooker. Biryani is one of the classic and most preferred delicacies introduced by Mughals to Indians. From that period, it has been a luxurious treat and one of the significant parts in special occasions. Preparing a chicken biryani in original dum style takes some time and a little bit expertise.

By following a shortcut method, you can prepare a one pot, simple, and delicious chicken biryani in an instant pot or a pot or a pressure cooker. Don’t skip the step of marination and resting, as it makes chicken succulent and soft.

Pepper Chicken: It is a perfect dish for the winter season and very easy to prepare as well. This preparation does not require any grinding masala and elaborate cooking. You can make it with just basic and simple ingredients. If you want to make it spicy, then you can add more chilli powder.

Pepper chicken holds a different aroma and taste that is not same as other chicken curry preparations. The main ingredient of this recipe is fresh coarsely ground pepper that provides the mild heat to this dish. It goes well with chapathi, naan, or rice.

Chicken Masala: It is one of the easiest homestyle Indian chicken preparation and even beginners can simply make it. It makes a great accompaniment with roti, rice, paratha or naan.

Several different variations are there through Chicken Masala can be made across India. Different regions have different ways to make it with locally available ingredients like cashews, coconut, poppy seeds, sesame seeds etc.

Chicken Curry: You can cook simple chicken curry with gravy by using only basic ingredients. This dish holds a great taste along with the soft, juicy, and tender chicken. You can prepare this recipe in less than 50 minutes.

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