Some Popular Sweet Dishes of Bengal

Bengal and Sweets are a complement of each other. Bengal is the origin of a large number of world famous and mouth-watering sweet dishes. If you love to taste varieties of sweets, then you must try Bengali sweets. Some of the popular Bengali sweets or mishti are as follows:

  • Roshogolla: Roshogolla or Rasgulla is a trademark of Bengal. There is hardly any individual available, who do not like to taste Rasgulla. It is a special kind of dessert made with Cottage Cheese and sweet chilled Syrup. These adorable sweet balls are heavily served in Bengali celebrations. These melt-in-mouth sweets will leave you to want to more. A popular variation of Rasgulla is baked rasgulla in which Rasgullas placed in the thick reduced Milk and then baked to generate a crunchy crust on the base of soft Rasgulla. The balance of smooth soft core along with crunchy crust and Cardamom flavoured Milk is difficult to resist.
  • MishtiDoi: MishtiDoi or Sweet Yogurt is a classic Bengali sweet dish. It is outstandingly delicious but simple-to-prepare. You just require three ingredients – Cream, Yogurt, and Sugar and make this sweet delicacy in no time.
  • Sandesh: Sandesh reflects a rich Bengali culture and traditions. There are innumerable Sandesh recipes are available to satisfy your soul. However, this particular confection is associated with a short shelf life for the inclusion of Milk. Paneer is the main ingredient of this sweet. A touch of Almonds, Saffron, Pistachios, and Cardamom bring a traditional ethnic touch to this sweet treat.
  • Cham-Cham: Cham-Cham is popular with its nickname “pleasure boats”, as it served like a boat-shaped dish. They are perfectly delicious and interesting-to-make recipe.
  • Kheer: Kheer or Rice Pudding is known as ‘Payesh’ among the Bengalis. It has delicate flavour of Cardamom and Nuts. Kheer is a special sweet dish prepared in the auspicious occasions and celebrations as well. It is a simple-to-make recipe where Rice is cooked with Milk, Condensed Milk, Cardamoms and other ingredients. A bowl of thick Payesh is an irresistible and mouth-watering sweet delicacy.
  • LobongoLotika: This wonderful sweet has a tiny envelope sealed with the help of a single Clove. LobongoLotika served on the special occasions. It is a refined Flour pastry along with the stuffing of Khoya, greated Coconut, and Cardamom etc. The unique feature of LobongoLotika is its envelope and sealing. These Ghee-fried and Sugar Syrup-soaked sweets are perfect for every get-together.
  • KheerKadam: The name ‘KheerKadam’ originated from one kind of ball-shaped flower, named Kadamba flower. Dry Rasgulla encased and coated with the double layer of Kheer (normal and dried) in KheerKadam. You will just lose in its flavour. It is a perfect heartwarming sweet for all sweet lovers.
  • Pantua: A deep-fried and sugary sweet can be served either hot or cold. It is a perfect sweet for guest serving.

Some other popular Bengali sweets are ShorBhaja, ChhanarJilipi, Joynogorer Moa, Langcha and so on. You can learn these sweet recipes from the popular websites and give a sweet surprise to your family.


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