Product Publicity: What Are Inexpensive Ways To Reach The Masses

In today’s competitive market, businesses need to use more than one way to reach the target audience. Fortunately, there are cost-effective business marketing strategies that help a company to reach the masses without requiring a big budget and complex approaches. All a brand needs to do is making the right use of online and offline resources that can serve as publicity tools.

A right marketing approach to gain the attention of potential customers includes a combination of real world and digital platforms. Here are some creative yet affordable ways to reach the right audience and influence them to be loyal customers:

  • Podcast

The increasing number of Internet users like listening to podcast these days. However, not all businesses have been using it for the business promotion. According to expert marketers, digital audio is capable of generating lots of potential clients for a business. There are two effective ways to make a podcast successful and attract several individuals towards your business:

  1. Use your current blog to plan a post in the form of a podcast.

  1. Start a podcast show and post many audios on a regular basis. The podcasts should be available for the streaming and downloading purpose.

  • E-book

Publishing a short story about your product or cause as an e-book can be an interesting way of publicity. To make many people read your e-book, publish it for free download. While using this product publicity method, make sure that:

  1. The e-book’s material is relevant, and it looks professional from the first sight.

  1. The cover of an e-book is the first thing that people are going to notice at first. It should be featuring an attractive design and convincing appearance.

  1. Make the e-book available for downloading on different platforms. You can also post it on your blog.

  • Social Media Contests

Social media is an amazing way of reaching people worldwide and make them aware of your product. You can start digital campaigns around your product on different social media websites to engage people with your posts. These campaigns should also include exciting contests to encourage your followers to react and share with their friends.

Instead of wasting time on planning posts for the whole world, plan your campaigns and contests for a limited audience. It must contain people and potential customers you want to attract and turn them into loyal customers.

  1. The contest should be interesting. You can also announce prizes and deadline of the contest.

  1. Increase engagement with the users. Reply and react to their comments.

  • Personalized Products

There are different types of custom promotional products that you can distribute to your employees, existing clients, and the general public. Instead of spending heavily on these objects, choose products that are inexpensive and easy to customize. In addition, they should be something that people can use.

  1. They are water bottles, pens, caps, and others cost-effective items.

  1. Customized wristbands are also inexpensive items that you can use for product promotion. How to order these creative wristbands? They are easily available online for personalization.

  1. Ensure that all the customized items are useful for a long-run. It can be products that people will use and pass to other customers.


In the long list of product promotion methods, these are some unique yet effective marketing ways that can help you gain the attention of the masses without putting a burden on your budget. Use them to reap favorable results.

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