Benefits of wearing 8 mukhi rudraksha beads

Rudraksha are the specific beads of a tree which are mainly found in the foothills of Himalaya mountain range. That is why; they are mainly available in the northern parts of India, Nepal and some parts of Myanmar as well. From ancient time these beads are used as a powerful mode to increase the concentration power.

History says that rudraksha was used by the saints who were on constant move. But later on, it has come down to a belief that that who carries a rudraksha chain is protected from the negative forces around them. It creates energy within oneself to keep calm and fight back any negativity.

Ashta mukhi rudraksha or the 8 mukhi rudraksha is a type of rudraksha bead which is ruled by Lord Ganesha, the younger son of Lord Shiva. According to Hindu mythology, Lord Ganesha is known as ‘Vighnaharta’ or the one who removes obstacles that comes in your life and makes them a smooth journey for you. This eight faced rudraksha being the representation of the Lord Ganesha is thus also known as to remove obstacles from the life of a human being. This type of rudraksha beads helps one to be grounded and then achieve success in life by focusing on what they want to do. This bead also increases love and respect in the wearer for their parents as Lord Ganesha was the most obedient child of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

Wearing and eight mukhi rudraksha bring stability in life. It helps a person to overcome all the hurdles that comes into their life. The wearer of this rudraksha can give support and stability to their family. They become free form the fear of failure and also take in initiatives to plunge into new works. They can easily face challenges that come in their way and try to win it. They do not take a step back in anything and do not get feared about losing a challenge. This type of rudraksha is a beater of planet Ketu. Ketu is the one who create obstacles. These rudraksha beads nullify all the negative impacts of ketu and create a positive effect on the wearer. At the same time it helps someone to recover from lethargy and laziness. As a result people who wear this take more initiative in their work. This also brings one higher intellect and wisdom.

This bead helps in strengthening the bone structure in a human body and gives relief to people who are suffering from Arthritis or Osteoporosis. It also cures lethargy and gives a boost of energy to the wearer. This rudraksha bead is also very beneficial to cure muscle pains and other nerve problems.

But before wearing any kind of rudraksha bead the first thing that an individual needs to do is to consult an astrologer. There are numerous varieties of rudraksha beads available and they can suggest what to wear after checking one’s birth chart. One can buy 8 mukhi rudraksha online if they are advised to wear that.

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