A List Of Reasons Why You Should Learn Online Jeet Kune Do

Self-defense means the ability to defend oneself. The main objective is to defend yourself against anyone who wishes to cause you any harm. With the rise in crimes like mugging, snatching, catcalling, the streets are hardly safe anymore, especially for women.
Hence, it is better to be able to defend yourself and your loved ones if you ever encounter any such hostile situation. Learning self-defense has other positive sides, such as-

  1. Learning self-defense will have a positive and wholesome effect on your spiritual and mental health. It will boost your self-confidence, uplift your spirits and result in you becoming a well-balanced and positive-minded individual.
  2. Self-defense classes will teach you how to set specific goals and achieve them successfully. Once you start working hard and get the results, you will be able to feel more confident about yourself. This will surely help you overcome any challenge that you might face in your professional and personal life.
  3. It will help you improve your physical condition. Your reflexes and concentration will also develop. You will be stronger, quicker and always prepared to defend yourself.
  4. The practice of martial arts, or any other combat technique, is not about violence. It is about trust and respect. Learning martial arts will benefit your self-respect and will teach you to respect others. It will also instill in you the value of justice and compassion and the importance of humanity over violence.

Jeet Kune Do is a popular form of self-defense. It is a mix of different styles of martial arts, fencing techniques, boxing,and kickboxing. The school of JeetKuneDowas founded by the celebrated martial artist Bruce Lee and is heavily influenced by his personal philosophy, experience,and fighting tactics.
The literal meaning of Jeet KuneDo is “way of the intercepting fist.” Lee himself has described jeet kune do as “non-classical.” The practitioners of JeetKuneDo give importance to speed and agility than strength. Their principle is minimal movement with maximum effect. The most important part of Jeet KuneDo is that it disposes of the rigid and elaborate movements of traditional martial arts, making it suitable for realistic, street-level combat.
Hence it is ideal for self-defense. It is both practical and easy to learn.
So, if you want to be able to protect yourself, you should look upon “Online JeetKuneDo.”This will help you find self-defense classes teaching Jeet KuneDo. They can teach you-

  1. How to block, intercept and hit back to your opponent’s blows.
  2. How to develop low-line kicks in the groin that would render your opponent completely helpless.
  3. How to gain the upper hand in close-range combat and how to hold your ground in case of multiple opponents.
  4. How to disarm your attacker in case he has a knife or a gun.
  5. How to reach peak physical fitness and move with speed and flexibility.

Jeet KuneDo has become immensely popular for its simplicity and efficiency. Now, with the help of “Online Jeet KuneDo,” you too, can become an expert in defense. Learn JeetKuneDo,and you have nothing to fear from street thugs.

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