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Digital marketing is nothing but marketing using digital methods, such as email marketing. With the help of digital marketing we can achieve the targets very easily. The main advantages are, since there is no limit to the audience, finding targeted audience and concentration on them can be done. But digital marketing too has its limits. In some places, where people are not from good educated background, traditional marketing helps than digital marketing. But if you are fine with having global clients, it still helps. This cannot be used for some sectors like education, food industry such as hotels etc. There are several methods in digital marketing and two are most popular in them.

We are living in a world where public relations are very important and they play a vital role in the development and success of an individual person as well as a company or institute. By the growing importance of social sites and networking sites, it’s becoming easier to establish public relations. Public relations are very important for any company to flourish

Digital PR agency works in the field of digital marketing, but in a different way.PPC means pay per click. In this method the advertiser has to pay when his website or page is viewed. It is buying the visits for their site. Many people consider pay per click, is far better because you will appear in the internet for free, and you need to pay only when a user clicks on your advertisement.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is a method of generating traffic to a site or page, by including keywords. The keywords get highlighted when users search in search engines such as google, and the site will be shown. This method is also called as “natural” or “organic” method’s targets different kinds of searches such as news search, academic search etc. The tactics of SEO is, it promotes traffic on site by increasing number of backlinks or inbound links. The major role is played by the keywords here. The articles written are called as SEO friendly articles. The more a webpage appears in search list, the more visitors it will have. There are many search engines available now. Search engine means, the application that searches our queries and gives results. Google is a well-known search engine. A website normally is searchable based on the content it has. The content if includes keywords its visibility increases a lot. There are many kinds of websites. Single page website to commercial website. Keyword research and analysis is a major part of putting data in to the website. You need to analyze the kind of information you have to put up in site, and therefore generate keywords based on this information. Now a day’s single page websites are becoming very popular.

There are best PR firms that provide digital marketing services at an affordable price and satisfaction. But even though they work on digital marketing platform, their way of work is entirely different from a proper digital marketing agency.

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