Enjoy The Train Ride With Food, Fun And Frolick

Train travel incorporates some of the happiest memories for many. It is in fact fun to watch how a lot of people pack their bags and set off on a journey as soon as the vacation begins. Women and children in tow the men instruct the coolies to carry different kinds of bags and baggage while running through the crowd to track the compartment and locate the berths. The palpable tension and excitement quite evident on their faces the men set off to buy a barrage of chips and cold drinks to keep the family satiated on the long journey.

Leave behind city life

Most families travelling with children have their bags full of different kinds of food and aerated drinks not to mention the lunch and dinner. They had possible spent hours preparing food the day before. However, it is prudent to place order with a railway restaurant so that time and energy can be saved. It is quite fun to watch the hawkers on the train selling different kinds of ware and the children coaxing their parents to buy things that will hardly last them the journey. Simply staring out of the window to watch the green fields is engrossing in itself. Brick kilns, bridges and rivers greet the eyes offering a much-needed break from the daily humdrum of city life.

Taste the street food

The Indian trains, especially the regular compartments, allow various kinds of vendors to board the vehicle with a wide assortment of food items. For the connoisseurs of street food this is a unique opportunity to taste different kinds of dishes. However, for someone who is conscious of hygiene it might not be a great opportunity. While travelling to any part of India it is important to know about the place you are visiting and also the various kinds of foods available in that particular part of the country. To increase your knowledge of the place you are visiting you can always consult the wide variety of books that are sold by the vendors. The travel guides are especially useful and well-informed.

Dip into local delicacies

You will also come across many people who are the locals of a particular place. They can offer a lot of relevant information regarding food and places of visit that can come very handy. However, if a fellow traveler offers any food, then, it is most unwise to have it because incidents of travelers being drugged and robbed are not rare. Ordering food from a trusted railway restaurant is a better option because these are usually safe and hygienic. Also, you can order some of the local delicacies to suit your palette. They can rustle up a number of dishes like chana bhatorra, dosas, fried rice, sandwiches and also different types of desserts to finish the meal tastefully. Trains are often late which makes the journey boring but when the destination comes near all the tiredness and boredom goes away.

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