Four Must-visit Places in Labuan Bajo: Kanawa Island, Cunca Rami, Rangko Cave, and Mesa Island

Recently, Labuan Bajo has become a tourist destination for both international and domestic travelers. Labuan Bajo offers a lot of great activities for tourists to relieve their stress. In this article, we will give some suggestion about some things you can do in Labuan Bajo.

The information about some of the activities that you can do for your vacation is listed below:

  • Enjoying a night at Kanawa Island: this island is considered as an island of resort. It offers wonderful setting thanks to its thatched huts where you can stay in, and the wooden pier where you can see the coral reefs near the shore. The place has so much potential for tourism. However, this place is less developed compared to other areas due to the lack of investment. The foods sold in the island are considered overpriced. However, if you still want to enjoy its beautiful landscape, it will not hurt to visit just for a night.
  • Trekking to Cunca Rami Waterfall: you can visit this waterfall with a car from Labuan Bajo in a day due to its isolated location near an untouched valley. To reach the nearest village from the waterfalls, you have to pass through a narrow track with bumpy roads. When you arrives at the village you have to hike the valley alongside a narrow river for approximately 20 minutes. Despite the slightly harsh trip, it will be worth it. You are allowed to swim at the lake where the waterfall is located. Hiring a local guide is highly recommended.
  • Swimming at underground lake of Rangko Cave: this place is one of tourists’ favorite place in Labuan Bajo. The cave has brackish, clear water, and you are allowed to swim inside the cave. If you come at noon, you can see the sun shines lighting up the cave and being reflected by the water. The ambience is very ethereal. You can reach the village by an hour drive from Labuan Bajo to a village. From this village, it take approximately 10 minutes of boat ride to a secluded beach, then you need to hike uphill for five minutes.
  • Visiting Mesa Island: this small island is located between Komodo and Flores Island, approximately 15 km to the west of Labuan Bajo. Mesa Island a place for a sea gypsy or traditional fishing village. The people living in the island are called Baju. Visiting this island can be considered as an educational trip as you can learn about their culture and traditional lifestyle. There are only 1500 people living on this village and there is no fresh water at all in this area. A family needs to spend at least a hundred thousand rupiah (approximately 7 dollars) in month to purchase fresh water.

Other than activities mentioned above, there are still a lot of things to do in Labuan Bajo, such as trekking in Padar Island, visiting Komodo Island, snorkeling, and many more. For a short vacation, however, these activities already represent the experience you will get in Labuan Bajo.

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