The Grand Lives of Indian Maharaja

Whenever anyone hears the term ‘Indian Maharaja’, they immediately think of grand palaces, adorned elephants, lavish banquets, and ostentatious jewels. While that’s quite close to the mark, it does not encompass all that Indian royalty is about.
The Indian courts, throughout history, have been famous the world over for their grandeur. In fact, not a single monarchy at any given time in the past has been able to match the magnificence of Indian royal courts.
Fascinating lives
Most kings had vast swathes of land, all controlled as a part of their empire. The ‘praja’ or the people under their rule followed all the dicta of the king. These kings had lots of jewelry, cattle, weapons, and other treasures.
The lives of most Indian princes changed after India gained its independence from British rule. They lost the right to rule; however, they still managed to hang on to lots of wealth. And this shows itself from time to time in the elaborate ceremonies they hold on various occasions.
While all that wealth and other trappings have their immense charm, it should not be forgotten that the lives of these royal figures is not all fun and games. Being in that position brings along a strict set of duties that most royal members adhere to. And, in these times, when royalty does not hold the same awe-inspiring aura as it did earlier, it is more pertinent than ever to such personalities to ensure that they maintain their class and style.
Most maharajas of yesteryears have become astute businesspersons, while some are in the field of politics. Some have left the country and are permanent residents of other nations, while some are barely hanging to the riches still remaining with them.
Some things never change
All said and done, even with the massive changes seen in today’s time, there’s still mystery and charm hanging around the term Indian royalty. This is evident from the obsession of the public which reflects itself even in the way people want to travel. The Indian Railways has several super luxurious trains that have been modeled on the lives of Indian Maharaja and their way of traveling. Not just Indians, even foreigners are fascinated by these and every year, millions of them throng to India to experience its magnificence up close. Many of these tourists take the train maharajas would have had they traveled on the same circuit.
The Maharajas Express is considered the most luxurious train in the world. And why not? It is like a five star hotel on wheels. Think of any luxury and this stately train has it – be it stunning living accommodations, excellent and warm service, state-of-the-art comforts and modern amenities, and scrumptious food!
Every year, scores of travelers book this gorgeous train for a trip that’s beyond imagination. Sated and happy with their travel, they go back to their homeland only to visit again and yet again since India is far too enchanting to be visited just once.

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